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Collagen supplements keep you a younger skin

Do you dream of waking up and having a beautiful, perfect skin every single day but is also wondering how you can achieve it? Makeup can hide imperfections like scars, pimple marks, and dark spots but don’t you think taking care of your skin from within can do the magic better? Before we give you an idea of what collagen supplement is best to take to fight ageing, we are showing you first these everyday factors that age you and inhibit you from showing your natural beauty.

1. Stress

Nothing affects your body faster than consistent stress, worry and anxiety.

Studies have shown that people with work-related stress have the shortest length of telomeres, a DNA section which can quicken the ageing process. Stress can also raise your blood pressure, age your brain and can cause you inconsistent sleeping patterns, all of which can age you.

We know it’s impossible to totally avoid stress, but allotting an amount of time a week for yoga or meditation can help improve the level of stress in the body.

2. Too little sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause you to gain weight, destroy your immune system, compromise your memory, decrease your focus and will make your skin dull.

3. Not exercising

Moderate exercising which is defined as 40%-60% of your maximum heart rate does not only benefit your heart, weight or lungs, but it also contributes to the renewal of your skin.

You don’t have to take up so much time in working out, as long as you keep it short and sweaty, you will enjoy the benefits of both losing weight and looking young.

4. Smoking

You’ve probably heard of all the bad ways smoking can harm your body like lung cancer, infertility, high blood pressure and heart disease. But if none of these effects convince you stop smoking, then maybe the thought of your skin losing oxygen and causing it to look pale and have uneven colouring might.

Smoking as well as second hand smoking prompts the breakdown of collagen for skin that will lead to loose and sloppy complexion not only in your face but even in your arms and breasts.

And because smokers constantly use the muscles around their mouth when they puff, the deep wrinkles are visible especially on long time smokers.

5. Inflammatory food

Does the food you eat everyday consist of red meats, white bread, vegetable oils, sugary or processed food? If your answer to this question is yes, then you are not doing your skin a favour. These kinds of food cause the inflammation in the body which speeds up the formation of wrinkles.

To avoid premature ageing, consume foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Alpha-linolenic acids like olive oil, avocados and salmon.

Including fruits and vegetables are also important since they are rich in vitamin C, selenium and zinc which are all vital in the formation of collagen.

While avoiding these factors we’ve mentioned, you can also fight ageing if you take collagen supplements like Total Image Collagen Drink to achieve faster results.

Total Image Collagen Drink is not only for skin whitening, but this collagen drink also acts as an anti-ageing supplement that helps your skin to look young, keeping it moisturized and will give you a healthier glow.

Some of the collagen benefits you’ll get from Total Image Collagen Drink are the strengthening of the nails and hair and helping improve sleep quality.

Nothing like a collagen supplement that gives you more than what you ask for. If you keep in mind to avoid the factors that age you and start taking Total Image Collagen Drink, you will wake up one day not only feeling better, but looking better.

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