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Collagen Supplements for Men

Who said that collagen supplements can only be used by women? It is actually equally beneficial and good for men too! We all know that most women use collagen for skin and beauty, but it has many other benefits for health that are beneficial for men too. Women produce less collagen then men, but it does not mean that men do not need to replenish the collagen production levels in their bodies. Collagen depletes by at least 1% per year as we age, which would mean that by the age of 50, we have already lost almost half of our collagen in our body (this is why we start to see wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, and change in facial contours).


Youthful-look and strong body even with age

Total Image Collagen Plus is a good supplement for skin for women mostly because of the natural beauty effect it provides. Little do most men know though, collagen also helps build the bones and muscles stronger too. This is why collagen supplements are better than pure anti-aging supplements because it offers not only to make the skin firmer, radiant and smooth but also improves general health as it repairs the wear and tear processes in our body. As men are exposed to more physical and strenuous activities which can affect their joints, muscles, and bones in the long-term, taking collagen supplements regularly is advised.



One-step skin care product regimen

Most men are not patient in terms of applying numerous skin cream, serum, lotion, etc. Taking collagen supplements is much easier because you only need to pop in the tablets or drink up if you are consuming a bottle of collagen drink. Collagen benefits in external products usually only lasts until it is washed-off as collagen molecules are naturally too large for the dermis to absorb.


2 thoughts on “Collagen Supplements for Men

  1. shown says:

    Does collegen effect men haromon testosterone . and effect their sexual life?

    sexual orientation

    1. Total Image says:

      No it does not. Collagen is simply a protein, same as the collagen protein found inside your body. The main function of collagen is to hold your cells together, hence mainly responsible for firm, smooth and soft skin.

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