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Choosing the right Collagen Plus

Recently, a lot of collagen plus brands have been sprouting in the beauty market in the past few years. Each brand offers a unique selling proposition on how effective and how the other ingredients can help improve your skin when combined with the collagen benefits.
Among the numerous choices, how do we know which is the right one to pick? Here are the top five things you need to know about collagen plus.



These collagen plus products are often referred to also as a health supplement for the reason that besides collagen, it also contains other extracts or vitamins. Most famous brands offer their product with the combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Grape Seed Extract, L- Glutathione, Tomato Extract, Perilla Seed Extract, or Mangosteen Extract. It is up to you which one you think is best compatible with your skin or which health or skin benefit of these ingredients would you like to boost. Knowing which ingredients could trigger any allergic reactions could be another way of eliminating your options.



Collagen plus products are well-known as an anti-aging supplement. They all try to keep the skin young, strong, elastic, and glowing. The Plus factor comes in in the process of elimination, in terms of, if you want to focus on skin whitening (L-Glutathione), smoother skin (tomato extract), skin firming (coenzyme q10), etc.



Collagen supplements generally have no taste when taken with water immediately. Other forms of collagen plus products are made into a powder or liquid drink which offers several flavours such as green tea, honey, or even strawberry.



It is typically recommended by the expert and beauty companies to take one tablet before or after lunch. As for the collagen plus drinks it is taken every other day before sleeping and is most refreshing to take when it is served cold. The uses of collagen for skin firming, softening, or even rejuvenating are mostly long-term to see visible effects and at the same time improve health.



Lastly, value for money should also be considered in terms of buying supplements for the skin. Usually a bottle of 60s like Total Image Collagen Plus costs only RM128.90 but there are also others that sell for RM270+ for 60s. Popular powder or sachet form collagen products usually sold in 15s price range from RM130-160 while the collagen drinks are sold in 12-16s as a pack at around RM80-150.


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