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Detox diet tips after Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has always been celebrated grandly in most Asian countries. During this period, numerous reunions with family and friends during the celebration are often linked with heavy eating and drinking. Various Chinese foods such as dumplings, fish, hotpot, are often consumed during the reunion dinner. Some Chinese foods we consume during Chinese New Year often have traditional beliefs attached to it. Like the New Year Cake which is made from glutinous rice, it is often required in the celebration in order to have a prosperous and luscious life and in order for the family to “stick” and stay together. Even though it happens only once a year, binge eating can have immediate effects on our bodies. Detox diets are often observed after such festivities to help cleanse the body faster and improve metabolism. Therefore, it is recommended to go on a detox diet every time we eat and drink excessively during the holidays.

Most of the meals we consume contains saturated and trans fat which often lead to stubborn weight that are hard to shed just by consuming weight loss pills. Even unfiltered water and additives added to our food are considered toxins and should be cleansed via a natural detox.

Here are some detox tips that can help you survive the Chinese New Year food hangover:


Do the common detox diets for at least a week after CNY

Eat only greens and fruits the whole day. And drink only fruit juices or organic smoothies.


Drink hot tea after your meals to promote natural beauty

Detox teas contain anti-oxidants that boost body cleansing properties and at the same time make the skin look better. This is also a good solution for people who often suffer from acne breakouts due to excessive eating and drinking.


Catch up on sleep and regularly drink your health supplements

Studies show that people tend to consume more calories when they only have a few hours of sleep. It is recommended to have at least 6-8 hours of sleep a day for adults to regain energy and absorb the nutrients from dietary supplements.


Follow the detox slim process to get the best results

Along with your detox diet, choosing the best slimming products often boost and speed up the results. Start with Total Image Puri Cleanx for a month for a complete body cleanse and proceed with Total Image S body to burn off the fats and carbohydrates, along with an active and healthy lifestyle for at least three months.


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