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Celebrate your natural beauty and fight body odour by avoiding these following factors!

How exactly does one define what natural beauty looks like? While not all of us have slick, straight hair, full pump lips, and beautiful long legs, our distinct physical characteristics make us beautiful in our own ways.

So how do you maintain your natural beauty? Some people go to great lengths to have the perfect skin – with the help of skin whitening and skin care products and making sure to remove makeup every night and so much more. But more than the physical beauty, hygiene also tops as one of the most important elements to take care of in your body.

Body odour is a common problem which most people are ashamed of. So if you’ve been stressing about this smelly problem of yours, here are possible reasons you smell not-so-pleasant than the others and how to avoid it.

Side effects of a new medication

Has your doctor prescribed you a new medication lately? Some medicines like fever-reducing drugs or morphine cause you to sweat – therefore adding a bigger possibility for body odour to arise. While you cannot avoid taking these medicines, what you can do is to apply crystal deodorant at night before going to bed.

You love spicy food

As heavenly and as yummy as they are, spicy food can actually cause you to smell bad – heart-breaking, right? Foods that are heavy in curry, garlic and other spices cause body odour because of the sulfur-containing gases they release when your body breaks these foods down. If you can’t turn your back to your favourite spicy food, you can decrease the effect of bad odour by drinking lots of water and applying natural deodorant after your meal!

You are stressing too much

When you’re stressed, your body releases “stress” sweat which comes from the apocrine glands. This stress sweat is odourless until it comes in contact with your skin bacteria. While you cannot really avoid stressful situations, don’t forget to use natural deodorant after you shower or keep one in your office desk that would be handy the next time stressful situations happen.

A little too much intake of alcohol

Our bodies treat alcohol like a toxic substance that needs to be flushed out. As our bodies take it in, the alcohol gets metabolized in the liver and secreted in the urine. But if you have too much to drink or your liver is damaged, it is excreted out of your body through your breath and sweat which leads to body odour. By drinking at a slower pace or switching up water or any non-alcoholic drink in between your shots, you can minimize the effect of body odour caused by too much alcohol intake.

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