body odour

Tips to keep body odour at bay

  Body odour may be influenced by a myriad of diseases but stirring away from medical issues, other factors such as food, hygienic practices, dirt and many more can also cause the stinky smell. Luckily there are solutions to [...]

fat loss

Speed up fat loss with these tips

Browsing through magazines and TV channels make us well aware of the models and celebrities that sport fit and sexy bodies. And as they flaunt this, you are left to wonder if there’s any chance you’ll also be able [...]

Why you need a detox slim plan | Total Image

Why you need a detox slim plan

Our body is bombarded with everyday toxins that affect our health. From the pollution that surrounds us to the unhealthy food choices we make, all these factors contribute to our well-being. And the build-up of toxins can lead to [...]

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