body odour

What you need to fight body odour

It’s not unusual for people to sweat, but what makes it unpleasant is the body odour that comes with sweating. Although not everyone has body odour, people who regularly eat spicy food, those who are obese, suffering from certain medical [...]

body odour

Fight body odour with these useful tips

Staying fresh all day is not an easy task, especially for people who are dealing with body odour. Body odour is everyone’s worst enemy. It can easily ruin a date, make you feel embarrassed and lose your natural beauty. While [...]

Diet tips

Diet tips for effective weight loss

Whether you’re into Chinese food, Malay food, Mexican food or Japanese food – we understand, food is life. But too much of it leaves us with unwanted fats and weight gain. This is the reason why a lot of [...]

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