Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg

Be a Snow White with Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg Review.

Hello Skinfrosters,

I have good news!

Total Image Malaysia just recently launched a new whitening product called Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg!


I was really excited when I found that out because I am constantly searching for products that would make my skin look fairer and flawless! As some of you might know, I’m part iban so naturally my skin tones aren’t as fair as I want them to, I’m lightly tan but would like to be fairer because I find that the yellowish skin tone makes my skin looked dull. And at the same time, I have some post acne marks that I’m dying to get rid off so when Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg was launched, I quickly grabbed some to try! There was a great deal so I didn’t want to miss out on such bargain. My friends who have tried Total Image in the past, swears by them and told me how good this brand’s products are so, how could I pass up such good opportunity!

I have tried Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg for two months and the results are incredible!

But first, Let’s get to know why it works and background of Total Image!

A little history of Total Image here, from what I know they are a reputable company and their products can be found in major pharmacies nationwide.

Honestly, I have seen them around in Watsons but never tried any products from them before this, so I did some catching up on Total Image.

Here is what I’ve found!

After reading up on the company, I learnt that Total Image is a well known and popular brand focuses on slimming and beauty companies pioneering in natural, high performance slimming, beauty and health products as well as for its Collagen supplement which has been in the market for 23 years! Amazing! I didn’t know that before reading up on them. Wow! I’m impressed and feel more confident in this brand because of the research they have done and it’s not a nonsense company coming out of nowhere.

The company was founded and established in 1984 and was originated in the USA! The company is one of the first fewest slimming and beauty companies pioneering in natural supplements, all products are registered and certified HALAL and safe for consumption by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health.



From the box that it came with, I learned Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg is made from high quality and pure L-Glutathione by a proprietary fermenting process from Japan. L-Glutathione works by reversing melanin’s metabolism by turning dark pigmentations (eumelanin) into light pigmentations (phaeomelanin). Dark skin such as dark acne scars, freckles, dark pigmentations and age spots can be improved. Over time, skin becomes flawless, radiant and even more luminous with a healthier glow just like snow.

Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg are made from FDA-GRAS certified Glutathione, and is also ‘Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)’ tested to ensure consistent usage of high quality raw materials. It is also ‘High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)’ tested to ensure the purity of Glutathione ingredient used. It uses vegetarian capsules and no raw animal materials are used, which are suitable for vegetarians.

As levels of Glutathione in the human body declines with age, it is recommended to start taking L-Glutathione as early as 20 years old to keep skin youthful with glowing radiance. By supplementing with a high quality Glutathione supplement, you can not only improve your complexion, but improve the quality and health of your skin!

Glutathione is the body’s most powerful and important antioxidants, present in each and every cell in the body. It plays a pivotal role in detoxifying our cells, removing heavy metals, toxins and free radicals. All of which can damage our cells and significantly damage the quality of our cells, including skin cells.

Supplementing with a top quality Glutathione pill like Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione can help to improve the health of every cell in the body, particularly apparent in the skin, hair and nails. Giving you a more radiant glow which is caused by healthy cells and reduced toxicity in the body.

Age spots can also be minimized and prevented by enhancing Glutathione levels in the body. The anti-aging effects of Glutathione are remarkable, from complexion, age spots and wrinkles, there is very little that won’t benefit from this master antioxidant.

Did you know?
Glutathione is a protein that is found inside every cell of the human body with the highest concentrations found in the liver ?

Glutathione acts as an antioxidant and detoxifier that protects cells from free radicals and oxidative stress and boosts the immune system. Sadly, the levels of glutathione in the cells of the human body begin to decline after the age of twenty, which means I need to start consume some glutathione because I’m approaching the big 3..I’m not young anymore! So sad but true😯

Skin colorations or discolorations are due to the level of melanin in your cells. In simple words, the more melanin, the darker your skin will be. That also means that higher levels of melanin will increase the likelihood of more visible, more frequent age spots and other skin discolorations. L-glutathione and injectable glutathione work by slowing down the production of melanin but injectable glutathione are extremely pricey! They limit the amount of dark pigmentation generated. So, when your body is producing less melanin, you’ll experience lighter, brighter skin and less dramatic discolorations.

Total Image’s products have a natural, botanical base and contain high levels of glutathione. If you’re hearing a lot more about skin whitening and are wondering how you can safely and effectively, lighten and brighten your skin, you should definitely consider Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg for skin whitening!

How to take?
Simply take 1 capsule a day after meal. For faster results, you can take 2 capsules and the average period where a user can see visible change in skin is about 1-3 months.

Important note:
Less exposure to sunlight is also important for more visible results as harmful UV rays stimulate the production of melanin.

Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione worked great as whitening supplements. I highly recommend this as you have witnessed that it really does whiten my overall skin, my skin are so much brighter than before consumption.

Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione provides a daily dose of 400mg L-Glutathione at only the retail price of RM128.00 for 30 capsules (1 month supply). There is a Buy 2 Free 1 form inside the box which you can submit with receipts and barcodes for 1 bottle worth RM128 totally FREE!

Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg is available at Guardian, Watsons, Vitacare and other independent pharmacies nationwide. The product is sourced from Japan and is suitable for both men and women.

6 thoughts on “Be a Snow White with Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg Review.

  1. Ayu says:

    Bfeeding mom can eat this?

    1. Mei Mei says:

      not recommended.

  2. Sya says:

    Can i take with fleevet glo vit c 1000mg?

    1. Mei Mei says:

      Hi, in general, you may take Whita Glo with Vitamin C, in fact taking together gives better result.

  3. Irene says:

    Can take Whita glo with collegen

    1. June Lai says:

      oh yes, you can take 2s collagen, 1 Whita glo in the same time. thanks

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