Detox diet and supplements for weight loss

How a detox diet helps in weight loss

Detox diets are often recommended to those who are losing weight and also building body mass. Detoxifying the body not only cleanses out the toxins but also improves the overall body health which is why detox diet are widely [...]

The real Collagen Plus by Total Image

Choosing the right Collagen Plus

Recently, a lot of collagen plus brands have been sprouting in the beauty market in the past few years. Each brand offers a unique selling proposition on how effective and how the other ingredients can help improve your skin [...]

Skin bleaching DIY masks

3 Skin Bleaching Easy DIY Masks

Skin bleaching has been either branded positively or negatively. Most people say it is good as it brings out the best glow in your skin, but some people say it also harms the skin. Both cases are true but [...]

Collagen supplements VS collagen creams

Collagen supplements VS collagen creams

It has been a debate for years if collagen supplements are better than collagen creams and how effective they are in comparison. Collagen is known to be a key ingredient for most anti-aging supplements and products which help to [...]

Natural Beauty Products by Total Image

Why is natural beauty underrated?

One of the famous quotes from Marilyn Monroe is A smile is the best make-up a girl could wear. With this quote, it is best to assume that she claims that natural beauty is best for most women and even [...]

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