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Achieve skin and health goals with sheep placenta

Do you believe sheep placenta can benefit your skin and health? Well, you certainly have to! The sheep placenta treatments intrigued most people throughout the ages, from abhorring it unclean to considering it unnatural. In fact, sheep placenta can be a beauty skin care or a health supplement for people to restore health and cell rejuvenation.

So, what are the uses of sheep placenta?

Say goodbye to old age wrinkle

Don’t fancy a pricey facelift? You can consume sheep placenta to erase the wrinkles off your skin regardless of gender or age. Whether it’s expensive skin care product or Botox, some people will do almost anything to make to regain the youthfulness of their skin. If you’re keen to keep a younger looking complexion, sheep placenta products contain anti-aging properties to wipe away the fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a supplement for skin to regain the elasticity and hydration, making your skin feel silky smooth, velvety soft and wrinkle-free.

Hello to glowing skin

Apart from eradicating the ageing skin, the revitalising sheep placenta improves and enhances the overall appearance of the skin. The stem cells in sheep placenta help skin renewal by reducing the unsightly dark spots, pigmentation and scars on the skin. Do you want that Victoria Beckham’s healthy glowing skin? Take sheep placenta products as the essential towards being a natural beauty. You’ll walk with that celebrity glow and confidence!

Promotes bodily health

There are many benefits consuming sheep placenta, from the aspect of skin care products to health supplement. It helps to boost the immune system and improve general health and wellness. The high nutritional content is known to have great benefits to health and wellness. Think about it, if the placenta is rich enough to feed a developing embryo, it can do the same to your skin and health.

Total Image Sheep Placenta, a source from New Zealand, is a health supplement or skin care product for everyone to maintain a younger skin and healthier body.  Encapsulated in bioactive soft gels with Evening Primrose Oil and Alpha Lipoic Acid, it promotes permanent health and beauty benefits when taken. Simply take one soft gel per day before breakfast, you’ll get that radiant skin as well as a fit body.


4 thoughts on “Achieve skin and health goals with sheep placenta

  1. Zainab says:

    Is this product halal for muslims to consume ?

    1. Total Image says:

      Dear Zainab
      All sheep placenta products in Malaysia are no recognized as Halal by Jakim at the time being. For an alternative to anti-aging supplement, try Total Image Collagen or Collagen Plus. Both have been certified Halal.

  2. finn says:

    Can i consume both total image sheep placenta & total image glutathione together at the same time?

    1. Mei Mei says:

      Hi, yes, you can take sheep placenta in the morning before breakfast & take Whita Glo L Glutathione after meal.

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