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5 tips to keep your skin young and healthy

When the fine lines are catching up with your age, stem cell products are the heroes to save the day! We are constantly in a battle to keep our skin young and radiant, stem cell products could be a good supplement for skin to achieve an ageless appearance.

If you think you look more mature than your age, let us give you some tips to a glowing skin!

1. Exercise regularly

Have a frequent workout in your weekly routine to slow down the ageing of your skin. Exercise helps to improve blood circulation and promote nutrients for skin rejuvenation. You’ll be thankful for the sweat dripping profusely off your forehead.

2. Drink more water

One of the important factors leading you to perfect skin, always keep yourself hydrated with an optimum amount of water to flush out the toxins from your body. Increase the water intake helps in skin cell formation to renew the skin.

3.Skincare routine

Follow a skincare regimen to combat fine lines and wrinkles away from your skin. Keep in mind to cleanse, tone and moisturise for a youthful and radiant skin.

4. Quit smoking

Experts found out smokers age faster than non-smokers, even though they are the same age. The nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes obstruct the vitamin C in the body, which helps in skin repair. Throw away your pack now!

5. Apples

If you want your skin to glow like a movie star, apples are the best choice as a supplement for skin. Like the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, apples are good for your body as well as your complexion. Indulge in the beauty benefits of apples that contain B5 and B9 to fight acne and wrinkles!

As much as these tips can help you to stay young longer, taking Total Image Apple Stem Cell Drink can further help you combat ageing from the inside out. This stem cell product contains Swiss Apple formulation to renew old skin cells in achieving a youthful skin. Besides, it combines with Salmon and Silk Peptide plus Acerola extract in skin whitening for a glowing and radiant complexion.

A bottle of stem cell product a day keeps the fine lines and wrinkles away, preserve your younger days with Total Image Apple Stem Cell Drink!

2 thoughts on “5 tips to keep your skin young and healthy

  1. Ennie says:

    Hi There,

    I have tried to drink this Apple Stem Cell drink and i got itchy on my calves. Other parts of my body is fine, It is only on my calves. Is that normal?

    1. Total Image says:

      Hi Ennie,
      We have not heard about Apple Stem Cell Drink causing itch. Could you do a test by stopping consumption and see if the itch stops altogether as well? Then, once the itch has cleared out, take the product again and see if the itch starts again. Ensure other daily factors are constant and normal. Do get back to us thereafter. Thanks!

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