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5 Things You Need to Know About Apple Stem Cell

Anti-aging solutions have continued to advance through the years. From natural skin care to chemical products, to technology treatments, and now, the application of science.  Stem cells have been the talk about anti-aging solution for the past years, but only with apple stem cell have science, beauty and technology had a breakthrough.


1. What are stem cells?

We often have the vague idea that stem cells are not natural due to how the media describes them as a scientific process of reversing youth. Remember your biology classes? Stem cells are actually plant cells extracted from its stems. They are all natural, and have the properties of dividing and renewing itself continually for as long as the host is still alive.  It can still be considered as a natural beauty product for as long as there are no added preservatives, and other chemical ingredients.


2. Why apple?

Stem cell products are not widely distributed in the world, as it could be expensive and at the same time very methodical to produce. The same goes with apple stem cell; the apple ingredient used for the stem cell process is very rare. It comes from an 18th century tree from Switzerland, in which its apples take a very long time to decay as compared to regular apples. In which, this rare Swiss apple’s long-living tissue is the very source of the products’ anti-aging solution.


3. How can apple stem cell help against aging?

When extraction and culturing process of apple stem cells are finished, these are is mixed with serums, creams, drinks, and supplements for skin.


4. What are the benefits of apple stem cell?

The perfect skin glow can be achieved with apple stem cell being mixed with human cells. It helps to boost cell production and increase its lifespan, making the ageing process slower. As cells are renewed, skin and health are improved. Some of the skin benefits are inhibiting the melanin production in the skin, lightening of skin complexion, and making the skin feel smoother and moisturized. The apple stem cell health benefits focus on strengthening the immune system and cell regeneration.


5. How to take Total Image Apple Stem Cell drink?

Total Image offers their very own stem cell product, the Total Image Apple Stem Cell drink with added Salmon and Silk Peptide for beauty skin care and aging prevention. It is best to chill the drink and shake well first before consuming. Take one every alternate day before breakfast and keep doing so until desired results are achieved. Adding in Salmon Roe Peptide activates dormant cells and stimulates cell proliferation and tissue growth, while Silk Peptide aids in improving and nourishing the moisture retaining ability of the skin.

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    Heard a friend been greatly helped by the product

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      Hi Amelia, great to hear about this. We will continue to strive for the high quality and performance products. If you have any question on our products, you may write to us at or call our customer service hotline 03-62721111

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