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5 detox slim secrets revealed by celebrities

We look at famous celebrities and wonder how do they stay fit and maintain their perfectly toned bodies. Of course, they seek a little help from personal trainers, private chefs, or maybe natural beauty experts – but believe it or not, some celebrities still go for practical and attainable detox slim habits to keep their physiques in top-notch shape.

Whether you’re interested in trying them out or just naturally curious about how celebrities keep their killer figures in check, we’ve compiled 5 detox slim secrets and diet tips courtesy of your favourite celebs:


Do yoga plus cardio like Britney Spears

Known for her hour-glass figure, Britney revealed that she does 90-minute yoga and 3-hour long sessions of cardio at least twice a week. This effective fat loss plan, according to her, allows her to be a little less strict with her diet so she can still indulge in her favourite high-calorie foods from time to time.


Try on detox teas like Kendall Jenner

Famous Victoria’s Secret supermodel Kendall Jenner admitted to undergoing a natural detox by drinking detox teas. She starts her day with a cup of detox tea, and consumes to 12 whooping cups a day. Although this may be an easy way to lose belly fat or any unwanted fats in your body, experts warn the dangers of chugging so many cups of herbal teas. Great news is that Total Image offers a detox slimming tea that can help you achieve your diet goals the Kendall way!


Go for the color diet like Christina Aguilera

Singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera got her body in perfect shape, thanks to the color diet that she’s been promoting. This diet allows you to eat foods of one definite color every day. For example, Monday would be orange day – so you can only eat foods like carrots and squash. Studies also proved that each color of the food you eat has specific effects and benefits to your body.


Munch on mushrooms like Katy Perry

If you’re a fan of mushrooms, then you have to try Katy Perry’s ‘M-plan’ diet. This single-ingredient diet only needs you to replace either your lunch or dinner with a mushroom filled dish instead for 14 days. The best thing about this diet is it will help to eliminate unwanted fat from problem areas like your tummy, thighs and upper arms. Besides, mushrooms are not only low in calories but also packed with protein, B-Vitamins, Iron and Zinc.

If you do not like eating mushrooms, you can also try a dietary supplement that can be a good source of B-Vitamins, Iron and Zinc just like Total Image Fastloss Drink, which is a natural fat burner that helps increase your metabolism to burn calories and reduce fat.


Detox with lemon juice like Jennifer Aniston

Who would have thought that the secret to Jennifer Aniston’s super lean body is nothing but a simple lemon detox slim drink. She revealed that she starts her day with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice to flush out toxins and free radicals out of her body.

Can you imagine the benefits if you pair a lemon juice detox with a health supplement that helps cleanse your body from the inside out, just like Total Image Puri Cleanx diet pills? Formulated with natural ingredients to thoroughly eliminate toxins from your body, you can easily channel the inner Jennifer Aniston in you with Total Image!


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