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4 surprising facts that make your body odour worse

With the temperature heating up, there are two words that we dread the most: body odour. All of us get extremely conscious of our body odour especially when we have excessive sweat in our body. Even though we try on several skin care products like natural deodorants to fend off the stinky smell, it seems like this stubborn body odour isn’t going anywhere.

But what you don’t know is that body odour is more than just excessive sweating. May it be due to your beauty skin care routine or what you put on your plate, here are 4 surprising facts that can worsen your body odour:


1. Stress

Anxiety triggers a release of cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone” that prepares you to deal with stressful situations. Hence, high cortisol levels make you sweat. Although body perspiration alone doesn’t stink, combining it with the bacteria that lives on your skin will make you start to smell as bad as you feel.

2. Overcleansing your body

Your natural skin care routine matters too! Yes, you can use antibacterial soap, lotion or natural beauty products and scrub away at the spots where you think you smell, but don’t go any far from there. Some people go as much as try rubbing alcohol on those areas, which dries out the skin and causes the body to produce more sweat.

3. The food you eat

As a universal rule – any food that are stinky on the way in are going to smell on the way out, Garlic, onion, curry or any spicy foods are just some that you should avoid if you’re too conscious of your body odour. Vegetables like broccoli and Brussel sprouts are ones to blame also for your body odour.

4. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Magnesium is one of the most overlooked mineral in our diets, but this powerhouse vitamin also helps in eliminating excess body odour. The magnesium supplement deodorizes our body as it loses all disagreeable odour through the modification of the intestinal flora. Dark chocolate can be a good source of magnesium and sesame seeds as well.


Body odour can be a very stressful situation to deal with sometimes, but good hygiene can be helpful when you think that you’re starting to smell not so good. You can try on different antibacterial products that can eliminate the germs that actually make your sweat stench. Total Image Smelly-No-More crystal deodorant is an antibacterial natural deodorant that can banish bad odours in your body by preventing the growth of odour-causing bacteria to produce a longer lasting refreshing feeling.

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