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3 things you should be avoiding to lose belly fat

Many of you would agree that belly fat is hardest to lose than any fat in other areas of your body. Several attempts to lose belly fat ranges from trying out various slimming products (e.g. weight loss pills) and practicing proper diet & exercise to making drastic changes in one’s lifestyle. But are you aware that some of your fat loss habits can actually cause potential health risks to your body?

So we’ve rounded up three (3) practices that you should NOT be doing when you want to lose belly fat:


1. DON’T skip breakfast

You figured that skipping breakfast would help you cut calories and lose weight, when in fact it only leaves you feeling hungry for the later hours of your day. It’s true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because you’re storing enough energy to do more physical activities and be more productive throughout the day.

Instead of trying to totally cut off calories by skipping your morning meal, we recommend you to try a natural fat burner that increases your metabolism to burn more calories and reduce your belly fat just like Total Image Fastloss Drink. This dietary supplement also gives you longer feeling of fullness after eating and helps you lose weight without strenuous exercise.


2. DON’T eat too much processed food or starve yourself either

Eating too much processed food or eating less to the point of starvation would also not help in getting rid of your belly fat. For example, some salads are loaded with trans fat which is believed to make your food a lot tastier and have a longer shelf life. Trans fat is the same substance found mostly in several fast food menu, fried foods, or frozen food from the supermarket.

On the other hand, starving yourself will also not aid your body to lose belly fat since it needs nutrients and healthy fats to function well. Instead of eating less, we suggest to practice a healthy and well-balanced diet. Drinking tea is also proven to assist in proper digestion, so we also recommend our Beauty Dutox slimming tea that would help in flushing out harmful toxins in your body, including trans fat.


3. DON’T skimp on sleep

If you’re one of those who individuals who sleep less than six hours a night, here’s one simple way to get rid of your tummy fat: catch more sleep! Studies show that those who slept five hours or less have 30 percent more chance of gaining 30 pounds or more! Get those needed shut-eye and sleep at least seven to eight hours a night.


BONUS Diet Tip: Make healthy lifestyle choices!

Aside from proper diet and exercise, you need to cleanse your body from deep within to lose belly fat. You might also need a natural slimming product that will complement this healthy lifestyle. Total Image Puri Cleanx diet pills is specially formulated to detox your body and thoroughly eliminate toxins from inside out. Plus, these slimming pills also trigger natural fat burning processes and boost your stamina so you can feel slim within.


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