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3 reasons why you should try Detox products in Malaysia

Detoxification, cleansing, and diet – these three words often are always related to each other when it comes to weight loss. Detox, as defined by the dictionary of Cambridge is “a period when you stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks or drugs into your body for a period of time, in order to improve your health”. “Cleansing” is more on eating food that is healthy while “diet” is limiting the food intake for a period of time. Detox products in Malaysia often combine these three terms to be able to help men and women in their journey to a slim and healthy lifestyle. More importantly, the aim is to flush out toxins in the body in order to start fresh and ensure effectiveness of weight loss programs and other slimming products in Malaysia. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should try detox products in Malaysia:

Detox products in Malaysia: help in your slimming goals

If you want to undergo a detox diet in order to better lose weight or fatty areas of your body, Total Image offers two detox products in Malaysia that are award winners for being the best. Xlim Dutox is made from 8 natural herbs to aid weight loss efforts by firstly eliminating toxins from your body including the intestines, liver, respiratory passage, skin and blood. Total Image Xlim Dutox helps to improve bowel movement, restrict fats and sugar absorption, improve blood circulation, speeds up fat burning and dispels fats which are all integrated for an effective weight reduction. Beauty Dutox Tea is a slimming tea that helps stimulate colon and intestine activities to help improve bowel movement and metabolism, flushing out toxins for a healthier, slimmer you. Once your body is cleared from toxins, weight loss can be maximized as the body has better natural ability to burn fat & improved metabolism.

Detox products in Malaysia: health benefits

Aside from weight loss, these detox products in Malaysia are also considered as beauty supplements because a body cleansed from toxins improves the skin’s health too. Skin will become radiant with glowing complexion. Think of an overall body rejuvenation from numerous but meticulously chosen quality ingredients. As Xlim Dutox and Beauty Dutox Tea cleanses your body from toxins and free radicals, it strengthens your body’s immune system and prevent you from falling sick easily. A lighter, healthier body also keeps you energetic, fit and improve your overall well-being.

Detox products in Malaysia: value for your money

Total Image products offers slimming, detoxification, cleansing, diet aid, and acts like a skin care product all in one. Consuming these supplements or drinking the tea is all up to your slimming and healthy lifestyle goals. Take Xlim Dutox for an overall body rejuvenation for only RM55 for a bottle of 60s and Beauty Dutox Tea to maintain a good digestive system for only RM26 for 24 tea bags. All of these benefits that works wonders for the body for an affordable price plus all are approved by the Malaysia Ministry of Health and Halal certified.

For more information on Total Image detox products, check here.

2 thoughts on “3 reasons why you should try Detox products in Malaysia

  1. great to know about the product.
    i) can we just take either, say Xlim Dutox or beauty detox tea alone to look good, slim and healthy.
    ii) I have problem with constipation and currently is taking Beauxlim (Lemon Mix Fiber) to pass motion daily, it takes care of the looks too. However with Beauxlim, preparing it into a drink and consuming 200ml of it (with water) before bedtime is daunting.

    I wonder if your product could do wonders to the problem. Will it be better than Beauxlim… And should i use yr product in the long run will there be zero adverse effect?

    Hoping to hear from you soon

    With best regards,

    1. Total Image says:

      Hi Hasbullah,
      i)Yes to maintain healthy & slim body, you can stick to a detox product like Puri Cleanx or Beauty Dutox Tea. Remember to also consume with balance diet and regular exercise.
      ii)Results depends on individuals. As a replacement for your current product, you can try Beauty Dutox Tea. Simply add in hot water and enjoy the tea. In all slimming or detox products, you are not advised to consume continuously without a break. Take for 1-3 months and then allow your body to rest for 2 weeks. This is so that your body does not develop a dependence on any detox or slimming supplements to pass motion. Having said that, our products have been registered and approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, the ingredients used are all safe to be consumed.

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