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3 reasons to switch to natural deodorant

Using deodorants has been a trend ever since the invention of a waxy antiperspirant back in the 1980s. The initial selling proposition of the popular product is mainly focused on masking body odour and stopping excessive sweat.

However, long before the commercialization of deodorants, people were following natural skin care tips that have been have been traditionally used as effective natural deodorant alternatives. Usually these involve natural ingredients and help promote natural beauty skin care. As much as commercial deodorants claim to be effective and all, the long-term effects of such products are the main reason why one should switch to natural deodorant.


Natural deodorant promotes natural beauty

This couldn’t be more obvious, but using popular skin care products that contain chemicals damages the skin in the long run. These harmful ingredients block pores and prevent sweating, something that is not advisable since perspiration is a natural process to help cool down the body and eliminate toxins. Just like Total Image Smelly No More crystal natural deodorant, which is made of 100% pure and mineral salt, it is one of the most effective remedy buddies to help you get rid of strong body odour naturally. It does not darken skin and even makes it smoother.


Natural deodorant won’t harm your health in the long run!

There have been many reports that antiperspirants can trigger breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease due to the fact that the ingredients contained within them will mess up the body system in the long run, when inhaled or when it gets absorbed after entering shaving cuts or wounds. However, there has been no concrete proof, and using natural deodorants that contain natural ingredients will be well accepted by our bodies too. Hypoallergenic deodorants such as Smelly No More don’t harm the skin and health in the long run, and this also makes it suitable for all skin types.


Natural deodorant targets the source of body odour

Since a natural deodorant does not contain any chemicals, it is able to target the source of body odour, bacteria. Eliminating the bacteria growth rather than masking it is a more effective method to get rid of the bad sweat scent, especially after perspiring. In this way, your body odour does not worsen or occur as often as before.


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