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3 delicious smoothies for natural skin care

Pretty much every woman’s wish is to have perfect skin – the dewy complexion that does not require makeup but relies on natural beauty. Many of us go to great lengths trying several skin care products or supplements for skin that claims to help in achieving glowing, radiant skin. However, while beauty skin care routines play a huge part, we often neglect how much our diet affects our skin.

Some foods are known to contain antioxidants and vitamins that will help your body undergo a natural detox and eventually clear up your skin. Of course, you can munch on them, but you can add a little bit of fun to it by tossing all of these healthy ingredients, blend them together and chug it away. Below we’ve gathered three delicious smoothies brimming with healthy goodness for your natural skin care.


1. Orange Sunrise Smoothie

This zesty, citrus drink is perfect for natural skin care because it is packed with collagen-boosting vitamin C that will give you a fresh and smooth complexion with every sip! Just make sure to squeeze your own oranges so it will be all-natural and oh-so-healthy. With just two large oranges, you can yield approximately 1 cup of juice.

What to blend:
2 large oranges, squeezed
½ cup crushed pineapple, drained
1 frozen, extra-ripe banana
2 cups of ice cubes

Tip: You can blend in Total Image Collagen Drink for an added collagen boost that will maintain your skin’s elasticity and make it appear glowing and younger-looking!

2. Super Green Tea Smoothie

Sip your way to youthful, smoother skin with this decadent and delicious green tea smoothie. Aside from being famous as a fat loss and detox slim ingredient for some health supplements, green tea is also a powerful antioxidant that combats wrinkle-causing free radicals and UV damage. It also aids in digestion, and that can also help in achieving flawless and natural skin care.


What to blend:
1 teaspoon of honey
2 cups of ice cubes
1 cup of lime yogurt
1 cup of green tea
Zest and juice of 2 limes

Tip: You can use Total Image Beauty Dutox tea for an even more effective natural detox, so you can attain your perfect skin health!


3. Mango Tango & Spinach Smoothie

Mangoes are known to be an excellent source of beta carotene, which is an antioxidant pigment that your body transforms to vitamin A. Spinach, on the other hand, also has anti-aging benefits that keeps your skin cells healthy and lowers levels of sun damage to your skin.

What to blend:
1 cup skim milk
1 banana, sliced
1/2 cup chopped mango
1 cup fresh spinach
1/4 cup plain yogurt
2 teaspoons honey

Tip: Mix in a little amount of Total Image Apple Stem Cell Drink for extra anti-aging benefits to your skin. This smoothie drink will help in erasing wrinkles and fine lines, and maintain the healthy functions of cells!

smoothies for natural skin care

Go ahead and sip your way to your perfect, natural skin care with these delicious smoothie recipes combined with Total Image!

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