How to combine dietary supplements

How to mix and match dietary supplements

Most people dream of speeding up the weight loss and beauty enhancement process in order to achieve their ideal body figure quickly. Major and common reasons for this urgency would be preparation for summer, a.k.a. the “beach body”, or [...]

Hidden benefits of sheep placenta

3 hidden benefits of Sheep Placenta

When we hear about sheep placenta, we immediately relate it to beauty. Though it is well-known for being a good supplement for skin improvement, there are other significant benefits that it offers as well! Total Image Sheep Placenta contains Alpha [...]

Benefits of using natural deodorant

3 reasons to switch to natural deodorant

Using deodorants has been a trend ever since the invention of a waxy antiperspirant back in the 1980s. The initial selling proposition of the popular product is mainly focused on masking body odour and stopping excessive sweat. However, long before [...]

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